Des Thomas Releases “Roped Off” Music Video

Jacksonville rapper Des Thomas, who Bold City Voice interviewed a few months back, has just released his first music video, Roped Off. The video is divided into two parts. The first half was filmed in Albany, Georgia, the city where Des spent his childhood. It’s a depiction of him during those years, highlighting his relationship with his Mother (played remarkably well by his real-life wife). There is an emotional moment when she ultimately has to place the life and future of her independent young boy into the hands of God.

The second half was filmed on the Westside, here in Jacksonville, where Des spent the latter half of his youth. It shows him out on the streets, looking for the wrong things until finally the right thing—the gospel of Christ—comes along and grabs his attention. His life hasn’t been the same since, as he went from being roped into a hopeless street life to being roped off by Almighty God.

I asked him to share a few words about the song, and this is what he had to say:

“So basically the song is in reference to how God made me a new person. Once I accepted Christ, I was reborn into a new way of living life and able to see my true identity. I spent my life before I became a believer dwelling on my pain and misfortunes, and completely mad about everything that was happening in my life, and mad at the world. Once I accepted God as my Father and Jesus as my Savior, I started to see life with a new vision and found purpose and excitement about life and what it had to bring. I started to understand spiritual matters more and then began to see my purpose in life and how meaningful my life could be. God wants to use the experience of my past pain to help people who are going through similar circumstances with their present pain. He wants me to present to them that they don’t have to stay depressed and riddled with guilt and pain, but they can actually be made free to be who He called them to be. Once God captures their attention, their focus will change as well as their entire life will change. Once their life and focus are aimed towards God, you begin to see that He is with us through it all and will provide everything we need to complete the purpose He assigned to each and every one of us.”

Hope you enjoy the video!