Photo via Good Free Photos

As I was driving to a photo shoot this morning, I looked up into the sky (shhh…Don’t tell Mother, she used to always say I should keep my eyes on the road more than in the air) and was enraptured by a mountainous mass of ice crystals floating atop a sea of dust particles…which is my way-over-fanciful way of saying this—I was diggin’ a cool cloud!

I imagined a majestic castle sitting at the pinnacle of the puffy mountain, with myriad followers of Christ making their long-awaited pilgrimage to the banquet supper of the Lamb. Hiking through the clouds—some in groups, others with families, and even lone missionaries—the saints march upward; a Christian’s version of Hadj, the final and preeminent crusade of one’s life. Getting closer to the castle, the dense clouds give way to splendor unknown to the mortal mind, reserved for a body that can handle such awe and weight.

The wooden door of the castle, with ironwork fashioned by a Roman blacksmith, swings wide. A gentleman softly appears. In a distinguished British accent (British…why not??), he inquires,

“Your name, sir?”

“Hi….I’m…I’m Matt Morgan”

He looks down at his guest list (which just happens to have last names starting with “Mor” on through to “Mos”) and sees the inscription with my name. It’s a marble tablet descended from an Egyptian limestone quarry, with each guest’s name engraved by a reed stylus.

“Your seat is this way, follow the hostess sir…” With each new arrival, an angel’s voice cascades down from an upper tower like a waterfall over the attendee, drenching him or her with the gladness of heaven. It’s said that people always remember that first taste, and I do believe that. Special instructions are given for each new guest, very detailed and full of honor; it almost seems as if each one is the most important one of all.

At that point, I looked down at my speedometer and hit the brakes back to the speed limit! No, just kidding (Mom would freak!), but I did transfer my thoughts back to reality, where my senses told me I had recently experienced a similar sensation as this. Didn’t take long for me to realize what it was—the Daniel Motorca Fashion Show earlier this month! My cloud-driven reverie invoked that same sense of detailed hospitality that Daniel conveyed on the night of his show—everything well thought out, everything tailored to delight. What a neat connection, I thought. If you haven’t read the article about his fashion show, I encourage you to do so. You’ll understand exactly what I mean.

It’s interesting to see how different people that we know embody distinct character traits of our Heavenly Father. Daniel’s hospitality is a prime example. I was reminded of this driving down the road looking into the daytime sky. It all started with the clouds…and now that I think about it, the Fashion Show started with billows of clouds pouring out onto the runway. Maybe I’m just a dreamer but I really do think I’m on to something here!