UK Prime Minister Theresa May said Christians should not be afraid of speaking freely about their faith at work and in public places. May declared that people should be able to celebrate Christmas without fear of offending their colleagues or neighbors, The Telegraph reports.

The Equality and Human Rights Commission recently published a report which criticized overzealous organizations that unnecessarily drop references to Christmas. The Prime Minister said Christians should “jealously guard” their right to speak about their faith.

May also mentioned the report by the Lawyers’ Christian Fellowship which encourages people to spread the word of God. “You raise an important issue that matters to both you and me, and I think that the phrase that was used by the Lawyers Christian Fellowship was ‘the jealously guarded principle’ of that ability to speak freely, as you say respectfully and responsibly, about one’s religion.”

“I’m sure that we would all want to ensure that people at work do feel able to speak about their faith, and also be able to speak quite freely about Christmas,” May added.

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