A former Islamic sheikh (teacher) in Eastern Uganda was beaten unconscious and his maize crops were destroyed by Muslim villagers after revealing his faith in Christ, Morning Star News reports.

Malik Higenyi, a 30-year-old who lives in Bufuja village in the Butaleja District, disclosed that he received threatening messages on his phone before his field of maize crops were destroyed on November 23.

One anonymous text message read, “Be informed that you risk your life and that of the entire family if you happen to come back to your house. We curse you and your family. You are an apostate according to Islamic law, and you deserve to die.”

Higenyi has secretly converted to Christianity on April 16 and openly declared his faith and his church on November 13. News about his newfound faith spread immediately and reached a mosque in nearby Lubanga village. Muslims from the mosque reportedly held meetings to discuss his punishment.

On his way home, Higenyi was attacked by three people. “They started shouting, saying I am a disgrace to the Muslim fraternity of Lubanga mosque,” he said. He suffered a head wound and a broken bone in his right hand.

Higenyi and his family left their home and are now temporarily hiding in a secret location. They are unable to come back to their home yet amid threats to their lives.

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