Churches in Germany said there is a notable increase in the number of refugees converting from Islam to Christianity, Agence France-Presse reported.

Asylum seekers Saeed, Veronica, Farida and Matin recently became Christians at the Evangelical-Freikirchlichen Gemeinde in Berlin.

In a footage of the baptism, Pastor Matthias Linke asked them, “Do you believe from the bottom of your heart that Jesus Christ is your Lord and saviour, and will you follow him every day of your life?” All four answered “yes” in German, and were plunged into a baptism basin.

Since 2015, nearly 900,000 Muslim migrants sought refuge in Germany. Mr. Linke said many of these refugees realize that they can choose their religion and decided to follow a religion of freedom. “For many Iranians that I’ve baptised, Christianity is the religion of freedom.”

Church leaders have no exact data on the number of Christian converts but there have been reports that some pastors baptized hundreds or even thousands of Muslims at a time over the last three years.

“In our diocese, there are several groups of refugees who are preparing for baptism, and there are more and more requests,” said Felix Goldinger, a Catholic priest in Speyer, southwestern Germany.

Saeed, a 31-year-old aeronautical engineer from Afghanistan, met Christians on his journey to Europe and then became interested in their religion. The newly-baptized Christian said reading the Bible “helped in times of trouble.”

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