According to Fox News, a large underground church movement is growing in Iran despite the regime’s efforts to stop the spread of Christianity.

Christian ministry ELAM disclosed that hundreds of Iranians have been converting to Christianity. There’s an estimate of more than 200 Iranian and Afghans who were secretly baptized in large ceremonies in underground churches.

“It’s an astronomical increase,” said Mani Erfan, CEO and founder of CCM Ministries, which has been involved in Iran’s underground church movement for more than two decades. “And it’s been predominately young people. We call it an awakening.”

The CEO explained that many of Iran’s youth has grown tired of the regime’s oppressive religious rule. “The youth find Western culture and the Christian church very appealing,” he said.

Last year, a new church was born in Iran. The church’s new pastor said he met an old neighbor, Amir, who was interested in Christianity. Amir was disillusioned with Islam and wanted to search for the truth. He began to learn more about the faith and was thirsty to know more about God. He has other friends who wanted someone to explain Christianity to them. Fortunately, Amir and the pastor crossed paths.

“We agreed that Amir and his friends will gather in his home weekly, and I will call them to teach and pastor them. And I’m arranging to send Bibles to this group, which is possibly Iran’s newest church,” said the new pastor.

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